COVID-19 Test Kits

Status Update 1-7-21 (1:50 pm): Brunswick County Library, Lawrenceville is out of test kits.

Status Update 1-7-21 (10:30 am): Richardson Library, Emporia is out of test kits. 

Due to high demand and limited supply, the library is no longer reserving test kits. Kits will be given out on a first come basis when available and limited to TWO (2) test kits per person per day.

Rapid COVID-19 Antigen At-Home Test Kits

The Library is now offering free at-home COVID-19 test kits.

You may call your local branch to confirm test kit availability. If contact free locker pick up is preferred, please call at arrival or just prior and you will be given a 4 digit code to access the assigned locker. If you are symptomatic please have someone who is non-symptomatic pick up kit or opt for locker pick up.

Contact info:
Brunswick -- (434) 848-2418 ext. 301
Emporia -- (434) 634-2539
You may also email questions to or

To complete the test, you will need to download an app. The device you are using must also have a camera and microphone, and be able to connect to the internet. Because of the hazards associated with this test, you will NOT be able to take the test in the Library and Library staff will not be able to assist you with technology-related questions. If you feel that using the app or the related technology is too complicated, please go to an in-person testing facility, such as a pharmacy or doctor's office, instead. 

NOTE: Library staff are not trained to answer any questions related to the test (either the steps involved in taking it or the technology used) and are prohibited from doing so. If you have questions, please contact the Virginia Department of Health (contact info on flyer below).